K . T .   G R A Y

“Doing voice overs is something that I stepped into when I was about 20 years old. I was living in LA at the time and had an audition to read for a part. It was a voice over part for an anime show called Hellsing. The show was directed by Taliesin Jaffe (who was the son of my talent manager at the time, Kether Axelrod) and produced by Jonathan Klein. Within 2 days I was notified that I booked the part and would later be surprised to find out that Hellsing would be a great success and lead to 11 years of me doing the voice of Seras Victoria”.

So as to separate her voice over career with the rest of her music career, she uses the spelling K.T. Gray for voice over material.

• • •

“To this day, the team at New Generation Pictures are dear and beloved friends of mine and occasionally we will be gathered together at anime conventions”.

-Katie Gray



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Seras Victoria (セラス・ヴィクトリア Serasu Vikutoria) is one of the main protagonists of the popular manga anime series, Hellsing. Seras was turned into a vampire by Alucard to save her from a would-be fatal gunshot wound in the chest that he also caused to kill the vampire priest who held her hostage. Her Japanese voice actor is Fumiko Orikasa. Her English voice actor in both series is K.T Gray.