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E M P O W E R E D  


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Empowered Hearts is a joint vision shared with my dear friend Bridget Law and myself.

Bridget takes the group on a path of movement mediation, connected through sound that awakens the energetic body through dance and mindful contact.

"Opening ourselves from the inside out helps us integrate the trust we will develop so that we can communicate more clearly and collaborate more effectively".

I lovingly lead the group through various talks and group exercises while sharing insight about the collective mind, societal patterning, judgement and shame.

"By consciously recognizing the mental loop settings we can intentionally create new patterns that will allow us to act with love, instead of fear".

• • •
Together, with our various assortment of instruments and sounds, we take the group on a mystical journey with a dreamscape sound bath.

• • •

Our intention: to enter the space exactly as we are and depart with a new sense of self acceptance, understanding, confidence, peace and freedom.

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