E M P O W E R E D  


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Empowered Hearts is 24 hour women's workshop led by Katie and teammates.  The curriculum is very similar to the Voice of Truth workshop but lasts 24 hours instead of 8 hours, meals provided. 

Each event is unique and will feature Katie and a different co-facilitator (including co-creator Bridget Law,

Jennifer Rychlick, Erin Shea or Heyona Cho). 

• • •

The group is led through various talks and exercises while sharing insight about the collective mind, societal patterning, judgement and shame. We lovingly release the fear that separates us from supporting and understanding one another.

We share truth, tears and fears.

"By consciously recognizing the mental loop settings we can intentionally create new patterns that will allow us to act with love, instead of fear".

• • •
After sharing a delicious dinner together, we enter into the night, where we do a sacred burning of the past and enter a meditative sound bath, then slumber in sacred sleep.

• • •

In the morning we rise, share a light and healthy breakfast and move further into the letting go through body movement and awareness.

• • •

Our intention: to enter the space exactly as we are and depart with a new sense of self acceptance, understanding, confidence, peace and freedom.